Day 131, 132, and 133: Gift Pours

I’ve been working on some little pours for 2 of my nieces and one of my nephews. This one is for my little girly girl, Lori. She loves all the girly things and says I’m her bestie. 💜 This one is for my tomboy, Norah. She loves shooting guns and fishing and helping her dadContinue reading “Day 131, 132, and 133: Gift Pours”

Day 36: A Summer Breeze

Hi! I painted another abstract today, and while I did, I realized something. I do not like abstract art. In my quest to find out what I’m good at and what I enjoy painting, the abstract road is a dead end, and I need to turn around and keep looking. I really enjoy painting music,Continue reading “Day 36: A Summer Breeze”