Day 14: Spirited Away

Hi! Today I was feeling a bit sad, so I painted a creepy black and white forest scene using black and white gesso, then shaped it into what hopefully resembles a tunnel. After I finished that part I felt a little less sad and gave it a bit of flair by adding Chihiro and NoContinue reading “Day 14: Spirited Away”

Day 13: Ategnatos

Hi! Today I took another shot at recreating album art. This time I didn’t even try to make it exactly the same. I painted it in my style, added some color, and had fun. I picked another one of my favorite bands, Eluveitie. Eluveitie is a Swiss folk metal/celtic metal/melodic death metal band. Gods, IContinue reading “Day 13: Ategnatos”

Day Eight: Amaranth

Hi! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! I was listening to music this morning and decided to recreate some album art. I have done this once before for my Dio Tribute painting, which I based on a Rainbow album cover. Today, I wanted to recreate an album cover by my absolute favorite band,Continue reading “Day Eight: Amaranth”

Day Seven: Night Lights

Hi! If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past week, it’s that as long as I paint every day, I will perpetually be covered in paint. It’s all over me. My apron takes the brunt of it, of course, but it’s under my fingernails, on my elbows, my face, and in my hair.Continue reading “Day Seven: Night Lights”

Day Six: Wandering in Shadows

Hi! Today I used an 18″x24″ canvas I’ve been saving for a special occasion to create a likeness of my favorite Deity, Odin. I put him on a softly blended background with his ravens on his shoulders. I used red, yellow, and black to create a very dark brown, then used shades of that colorContinue reading “Day Six: Wandering in Shadows”

Day Four: Valentine’s Slay

Hi! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! My 12 year old son requested a painting today and since I love him so very much, I obliged. His request was very specific. He wanted a realistic heart with blood spurting out of it and an arrow through it. Using red, black, and white paint on a piece ofContinue reading “Day Four: Valentine’s Slay”

Day Three: One Hour Painting

Hi! Today’s post is a little late, and quite simple. I worked a 13 hour day and by the time I drove 40 minutes home, I was beat. I was so tired that I didn’t even want to pick up my paintbrush! I decided to force myself to paint something, even if it was small.Continue reading “Day Three: One Hour Painting”