Day 100: Shenron, Part 2

Hi! Today is day 100 of this project, so it seems fitting to finish such an epic painting. Here’s my previous dragon painting (Chihiro and Haku) and today’s painting side by side. They look so good together. ❤ Also, I will be taking these (and probably everything I paint up until then) to try toContinue reading “Day 100: Shenron, Part 2”

Day 99: Shenron, Part 1

Hi! Remember my Chihiro and Haku painting? I’ve decided to do a Dragon Ball Z painting on the same size canvas in the same style (a similarly shaped dragon with Kid Goku standing at its nose). I’m struggling with the green shading, but I think it’ll get better as I start detailing some scales. IContinue reading “Day 99: Shenron, Part 1”

Day 71: Hogwarts, part 1

Hi! Today I decided to start a painting for my niece, Brooke. She requested a Hogwarts painting a while ago but I didn’t trust that I had the skill to pull it off. I still might not, but she’s going through a bit of a rough patch, so if it turns out I’ll gift itContinue reading “Day 71: Hogwarts, part 1”

Day 56: Senku

Hi! I’m feeling pretty sore from yesterday’s car accident and spent the day resting, but I was able to take a break from ice cream, pizza, and anime to spend an hour painting. Since I was in an anime mood, I decided to paint the main character of a new anime I like. The animeContinue reading “Day 56: Senku”

Day 54: Fairy Tale Doodle

Hi! Today I took a 5″×7″ canvas panel and doodled on it, then decided I didn’t like it and painted it black. I then doodled on it again, and painted it black again. Finally, as I was about to paint a dragon silhouette on it and call it a night, I had a stroke ofContinue reading “Day 54: Fairy Tale Doodle”