Day 115: Howl and Sophie Magnet

Hi! In case you haven’t been following, here’s a recap of the past week: I painted a bunch of sweet ass pokemon on little bitty canvases. I took said sweet ass pokemon and my best anime fanart to an anime convention. I sold it all. (Except for a few mini pokemon.) I made a lotContinue reading “Day 115: Howl and Sophie Magnet”

Day 100: Shenron, Part 2

Hi! Today is day 100 of this project, so it seems fitting to finish such an epic painting. Here’s my previous dragon painting (Chihiro and Haku) and today’s painting side by side. They look so good together. ❤ Also, I will be taking these (and probably everything I paint up until then) to try toContinue reading “Day 100: Shenron, Part 2”

Day 41: Chihiro and Haku

Hi! I know what you’re thinking. This sounds like another lame anime painting. Well, I’ve got news for you: It is. I know I just made a post a few days ago about how I don’t think I can be a great artist and paint nothing but fan art, blah blah blah… …but as myContinue reading “Day 41: Chihiro and Haku”