Day 72: Hogwarts, Part 2

Hi! Today I finished the Hogwarts painting I started yesterday for my niece. My lines are a little wobbly, and some of my lights might be a little too bright, but I really like my sky. I posted it in a Harry Potter fan group I’m a member of on Facebook, and a couple thousandContinue reading “Day 72: Hogwarts, Part 2”

Day 71: Hogwarts, part 1

Hi! Today I decided to start a painting for my niece, Brooke. She requested a Hogwarts painting a while ago but I didn’t trust that I had the skill to pull it off. I still might not, but she’s going through a bit of a rough patch, so if it turns out I’ll gift itContinue reading “Day 71: Hogwarts, part 1”

Day 63: The Tale of the Three Brothers

Hi! Today I decided the time had come for me to paint a Harry Potter painting. I painted the Tale of the Three Brothers, a scene from the movie Deathly Hallows: Part 1 in my own style. I hope you like it! ‘There were once three¬†brothers¬†who were traveling along a lonely, winding road at twilight–‘Continue reading “Day 63: The Tale of the Three Brothers”