Day 61: Cabin on the Lake, Day 4…Finished?

Hi! I started in on my fourth day of painting this scene with a clear goal in mind, but it did not turn out exactly like I wanted it to. I might have went a little overboard with the highlights, and I think it looks way better in person, but I really feel like itContinue reading “Day 61: Cabin on the Lake, Day 4…Finished?”

Day 49: Church

Hi! Today I painted a real picture, as opposed to the garbage I’ve posted the past couple days. I’m happy to report that although I misplaced my talent for a bit I have now located it. Crisis averted. I’m not a church-goer, but I wanted to try my hand at some architecture, so a simpleContinue reading “Day 49: Church”

Day 37: Blue Sunset

Hi! My dad has gotten into the habit of sending me pictures to use as inspiration for my paintings. It makes me happy that he’s so supportive. He recently sent me this… … and I changed it a bit and added more color to it, because you can never have too much color. I loveContinue reading “Day 37: Blue Sunset”

Day 30: Landscape Finale!

Hi! Today was my 3rd day working on this painting, and I finally finished it. In case you missed it, here was day 1: …And day 2: And today, I put the finishing touches on it. It was a video game painting all along, but you might not have known if I hadn’t told you.Continue reading “Day 30: Landscape Finale!”

Day 29: Landscape Part 2

Hi! It turns out splitting this painting into multiple days was a fantastic idea. I woke up today feeling refreshed and started adding details to the farthest parts of the painting and worked in. It felt like I worked on the same area for hours and I got frustrated because I wasn’t achieving the levelContinue reading “Day 29: Landscape Part 2”