Day 137 and 138: Playing with the Norns.

I keep putting more paint on this painting but not actually changing anything. I think I’ll leave it for now but I’m not going to varnish it yet just in case I remember where I was trying to go with it.

Day 136: The Norns, Part 1

Hi! I was planning on painting a landscape with a pretty sky and some of the trees from The Lorax, but my paintbrush had other plans. I’ll try to finish it tomorrow.

Day 121: My Very First Eagle Painting 🦅 (And an unsolicited bass guitar video clip)

Hi! Not bad for my first try! The person who commissioned it is happy with it and everything. 😁 … and this is what I did with the rest of my free time today… Thanks for stopping by!

Day 13: Ategnatos

Hi! Today I took another shot at recreating album art. This time I didn’t even try to make it exactly the same. I painted it in my style, added some color, and had fun. I picked another one of my favorite bands, Eluveitie. Eluveitie is a Swiss folk metal/celtic metal/melodic death metal band. Gods, IContinue reading “Day 13: Ategnatos”