Day 136: The Norns, Part 1

Hi! I was planning on painting a landscape with a pretty sky and some of the trees from The Lorax, but my paintbrush had other plans. I’ll try to finish it tomorrow.

Day 121: My Very First Eagle Painting 🦅 (And an unsolicited bass guitar video clip)

Hi! Not bad for my first try! The person who commissioned it is happy with it and everything. 😁 … and this is what I did with the rest of my free time today… Thanks for stopping by!

Day 91: Pouring!

Hi! Today I traded my paintbrush for a cup and tried my hand at paint pouring. I picked up a starter kit (pre-mixed, let’s not get crazy) yesterday to prepare. It only makes sense to do this outside, right? It looked super messy, so I set up a table outside and started pouring. The windContinue reading “Day 91: Pouring!”

Day 30: Landscape Finale!

Hi! Today was my 3rd day working on this painting, and I finally finished it. In case you missed it, here was day 1: …And day 2: And today, I put the finishing touches on it. It was a video game painting all along, but you might not have known if I hadn’t told you.Continue reading “Day 30: Landscape Finale!”