Day 52: My Favorite Easter Movie, Part 1

Hi! Since everyone around me is celebrating easter this weekend, I thought I would paint something from my favorite Easter movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. You may not consider this an Easter movie, but the Easter Bunny is in it, so I feel like it is. Also, it’s my favorite movie so I’ll find anContinue reading “Day 52: My Favorite Easter Movie, Part 1”

Day 49: Church

Hi! Today I painted a real picture, as opposed to the garbage I’ve posted the past couple days. I’m happy to report that although I misplaced my talent for a bit I have now located it. Crisis averted. I’m not a church-goer, but I wanted to try my hand at some architecture, so a simpleContinue reading “Day 49: Church”

Day 42: Stardew Valley

Hi! I spent hours trying to paint today. I had a reference photo with a beautiful blue and orange sky and a lake and castle. I always paint from the farthest part of the scene to the closest, and I could not get past this sky. No matter what I did, the blue and orangeContinue reading “Day 42: Stardew Valley”

Day 24: A Rose in the Rain

Hi! I painted my first rose today. It was pretty fun, and I would have kept messing with it if I hadn’t broken my newly established “workday rule” (only painting for an hour on days that I work) and forgot to eat dinner. After an hour and a half I accepted the fact that thisContinue reading “Day 24: A Rose in the Rain”

Day 21: Rainbow Forest

Hi! Remember the fancy paint set I hated because it was chunky and dried really fast? (If you don’t, check past posts!) I found the perfect purpose for it! I have never done a palette knife painting before, but from what I’ve seen, you want thick paint that dries fast. I happened to have justContinue reading “Day 21: Rainbow Forest”

Day 19: Water Droplets!

Hi! You probably guessed from the title, but today I painted things that are recognizable as water droplets! If you look at them from far away and kind of unfocus your eyes they look super realistic. I used an old canvas that had a failed painting on it as a background. (When I hate myContinue reading “Day 19: Water Droplets!”

Day 18: Not a Water Droplet

Hi! I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but I am not great at realism. It’s something I need to work on if I want to paint realistic paintings, so with my limited time tonight I gave it a try. A water droplet seemed like the easiest thing to start with. How hard could itContinue reading “Day 18: Not a Water Droplet”

Day 16: Misty Mountains

Hi! This evening my dad stopped by and reminded me that he sent me a bunch of pictures he wanted me to paint a while ago and I haven’t painted any of them (oops). So today I painted from this photo as a reference. I have recently started practicing adding more detail to things inContinue reading “Day 16: Misty Mountains”