Day 14: Spirited Away

Hi! Today I was feeling a bit sad, so I painted a creepy black and white forest scene using black and white gesso, then shaped it into what hopefully resembles a tunnel. After I finished that part I felt a little less sad and gave it a bit of flair by adding Chihiro and NoContinue reading “Day 14: Spirited Away”

Day Nine: The Perfect Wave

Hi! Today I wanted to follow a painting tutorial on YouTube. My creativity felt drained after a long week of painting, and I just wanted someone else to tell me how and what to paint. It took hours to decide which tutorial to follow, but I finally found one that I thought would teach meContinue reading “Day Nine: The Perfect Wave”

Day Seven: Night Lights

Hi! If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past week, it’s that as long as I paint every day, I will perpetually be covered in paint. It’s all over me. My apron takes the brunt of it, of course, but it’s under my fingernails, on my elbows, my face, and in my hair.Continue reading “Day Seven: Night Lights”